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Insightful Transformation

Anna Clayton
Map259 Massachusetts Avenue
Lower Level

Arlington, MA 02474


Are you stressed, anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, or highly sensitive?

Are you frustrated by how long it is taking to heal from the past, build self-esteem, and overcome old patterns and habits?

Are you seeking greater health & wellness; greater peace; more satisfying relationships; a clearer sense of what you want and who you are; and your life purpose?

Do you want to break through whatever is blocking you from thriving and loving your life?

I've been there and I can help!

I combine my own unique intuitive healing gifts with transpersonal psychology to create Transformational Healing. This powerful and accelerated healing gently and deeply releases difficult past experiences, limiting thoughts and behavior patterns, and empowers you to reconnect to your inner wisdom and vitality.

My technique can create deep transformation rapidly and easily. Even the deepest emotional trauma can be released with this work, producing greater freedom, ease, harmony and balance.


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Categories: Coaching/Counseling/Guidance
Energy Work
Holistic Healing
Personal Growth and Development
Shamanic Healing
Spiritual Teachings