Calendar Listings

Natural Awakenings offers two different calendars – our magazine calendar and our on-line calendar. Both are wonderful resources to help fill your next workshop or event.


Calendar Submission Instructions:  (If this is your first time submitting a Calendar Listing, please see examples and read Submission Guidelines at bottom of page.)

1. Please choose the category below that best describes the type of calendar listing you are looking to submit. For example, you advertise every month in Natural Awakenings and are entitled to either two or five free listings each month.

2. Click on the button next to the appropriate category. 

3. You will be redirected to a page to either Purchase a Listing or Enter a Free Listing. 

All listings appear online and in print; however, for your listing to appear in the upcoming print issue, submission deadline is the 10th of the preceding month. All submissions require approval before going live on the online calendar.  Please allow 3-4 days for this to occur. 


I currently run a Display Ad (5 free listings) and/or Community Resource Guide Listings (2 free listings) (5 maximum listings)


I currently distribute the magazine at my location (2 free listings)

Nonprofit Organization

My nonprofit organization is holding an event that costs $25 or less to attend (2 free listings)

Paid Calendar Listing

Purchase an Event or Ongoing calendar listing in the print and online magazine.

Free Event Listing

My event is free to attend

Highlighted Calendar Listing

Purchase a Save the Date, Special Event or Mark Your Calendar event in the print magazine


Calendar Listing Samples




Our experience has shown that events (classes, workshops, clinics, training courses, etc.) with admission above $25 require more exposure to be effective. This can be achieved through regular display advertising or by utilizing our Highlighted Listing option.

Word limit:  40 words less, including contact information. 

Word limit:  40 words less, including contact information. 


Calendar Listings Submission Guidelines

  • Free Calendar Listings: If you have a display ad in the magazine (1/6 page or greater), you are allowed up to five free listings in the current Events or Ongoing calendar sections. A Community Resource Guide listing in the magazine includes two free calendar listings. Non-profits receive 2 free listings if the event costs $25 or less to attend, and non-advertisers 2 free listings for events that are FREE to attendees. Paid listings are available for $10/on-going events and $15/one-time events. Highlighted events start at $69. Additional listings may be purchased at the standard rate. Free listing are non-transferable.
  • Paid Calendar Listings: All calendar listings must be paid for first via PayPal and then submitted via our online calendar.
  • Submissions: All calendar listings must be submitted to our Online Calendar. All listings must be approved before going live on the website. Allow 3-4 days for your submission to be approved. If you do not see your event on the online calendar within 3-4 days, contact to verify receipt. 
  • Submission deadline: The cutoff date for any month’s issue is the 10th of the preceding month.  We appreciate and encourage people to send their listings in as soon as possible to allow time to prepare the magazine. 
  • There are two free Calendar sections in the magazine, Events and Ongoing. The Calendar sections are for one-time or ongoing events only. By Appointment listings and classified ads must appear in the Classified section.
  • Listings that are not repeating events may not be listed in the Ongoing events section.
  • If you run a listing in the Ongoing Calendar, it cannot be repeated in the Events Calendar or vice-versa.
  • Highlighted Listings (Special Event, Mark Your Calendar, Save the Date) are available starting at $69.
  • Word Limit: 40 words or less. We reserve the right to edit as needed.
  • Writing Style: Please write objectively in the third person, without using words like I, we, me, my, mine, our, us, you, your, etc.
  • Editing Listing: If you need to make changes to your event listing, click on the My Account link at very top of the page.  After logging in, select the My Events Tab.  Choose your listing, and click EDIT to make your changes.  Remember to scroll to the bottom of the page and click SAVE for your changes to register.  There is a slight delay (2-5 minutes) for changes to take effect on the website.