BUTEYKO BREATHING: Breathing Ailments Away

Masha Dubov, Exspiro Center

Have you or your child ever had issues with breathing? Have you ever been scared, agitated, panicky, helplessly gasping for air? Have you been diagnosed with asthma, seasonal allergies, COPD, anxiety, panic attacks, add/adhd? If you answered positive to any of these questions, come to this workshop for help! Breathing is the core of our existence and when exercised correctly, it can cure our bodies, minds and souls.

Masha Dubov is a breathing educator with about 10 years experience in the field of holistic health modalities. She is a BBEA member since 2012 and works with kids and adults helping them to cope with asthma, anxiety and panic attacks, as well as seasonal and environmental allergies, COPD and other conditions. Masha was a swimmer and has been a yoga practitioner for many years. She lives in Boston with her husband, two kids and a beautiful Australian cattle dog.