COMMUNITY: Consciously Creating Community in a Disconnected World

Rose Tenaglia Dunn

Humans have a core need for contact with other humans. Our interactions and relationships with other people form a network that supports us, gives meaning to our lives, and ultimately enables us to survive. Yet many times, in spite of an increasingly connected virtual world, we experience a Longing for Belonging. In this interactive workshop we will explore techniques to establish, cultivate and nurture heart based relationships in our lives

Rose Tenaglia Dunn is the founder of LyceumLIVE, Her purpose is to connect. Having been privileged to live on both east and west coasts as well as the deep south, she has been privy to the cultural mores that contribute to our individual differences yet instinctively recognizes that our similarities are greater than those differences. Gently, by example, Rose is able to remind others that We Are All One.