Liz Elia, Whole Minded Health

If you find yourself struggling to keep calm when life gets busy, Crossinology Brain Integration Technique (BIT) can help.  Developed for children who struggle with learning difficulties, BIT works for people of all ages to find clarity, focus, and ease in all areas of life. In a simple, relaxing process that takes an average of 10 hours to complete (over multiple sessions) people begin to notice school or work getting easier, and difficult situations causing less anxiety.  Come see a demonstration of how BIT works; no devices, exercises, or medications.

Liz Elia is a Crossinology BIT practitioner who holds advanced certification from the founder of the work, Susan McCrossin. She is passionate about providing effective alternatives for wellness to people of all ages. Liz works at Central Square Health and Wellness in Cambridge, MA.

In addition to this work, Liz provides wellness services including yoga therapy for brain disorders, myofascial yoga therapy, heart mind integration healing, muscle reactivation, bodywork and Reiki.