Discovering the Divine in Everyday Life with Spirituality and Mindfulness

Susan Kapatoes, Kapatoes Enterprises

Would you like to experience more happiness, inner calmness and balance in your life? Drawing upon insights gained from her own spiritual journey, Susan Kapatoes will help participants learn the value of everyday spirituality and how to incorporate the mind/body/spirit into their daily lives. The workshop will begin with a short meditation so participants can experience the calming effect of this powerful, yet gentle, technique. Be ready to expand your consciousness, empower your spirit and elevate your awareness in this enlightening workshop.

Susan Kapatoes is a speaker and an author who believes in a delicate balance between the analytical mind and the intuitive heart. She has been practicing meditation for more than 20 years and writing creative stories since she was a teenager. Her first published book, A Spiritual Journey, is a self-help inspirational memoir with a strong focus on personal development and the power of positive thinking. She enjoys leisure activities such as taking walks through nature, and spending time with family and friends. She holds a bachelor of science degree in nutrition, and a master's degree in health care administration (M.H.A.). In addition to her formal education, she has been trained in complementary healing techniques such as reiki and craniosacral therapy. She was born and raised in Milford, Massachusetts, and currently resides in Sharon.