EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE: (EFT-TAPPING) Happier, Healthier, Wealthier...Faster with EFT

Tam Veilleux, Tam Veilleux Success Coaching

The happier you are, the healthier you are and the better you can perform which results in more money. Discover how the self-care practice of EFT (Tapping) along with other mind hacks can help you gain clarity, confidence and more cash by disrupting current negative patterns and old habits. Add a little LOL, OMG and LOA into your day.

For years prior to discovering her passion for creating change in other people, Tam Veilleux lived a very ordinary life in rural Maine. Something niggling in the back of her brain repeatedly suggested she was #MeantForMore. A divorce and parenting an addicted child hurled Tam into her darkest days ever as she was sent from the flock to fend for herself. The gift in that darkness was her deep dive into spirituality and the new self-help technology called “Tapping”. In conjunction with hundreds of personal development books and years of applied powerful self-healing techniques Tam stepped powerfully into the law of attraction, NLP, applied spirituality and from traditional EFT into Faster EFT where she exploded from a life lived to a life loved. Making peace with her past, eliminating limiting beliefs  and taking massive action worked. Her passion is in inspiring men and women who are #MeantForMore to find and evolve themselves through coaching, tapping and mindset work. Tam holds a firm belief that creating lasting change can be fast, fun & easy and her tribe of Movers & Shakers  think so, too. Tam works with clients across the world via telephone and Skype sessions and her do-it-yourself-help programs are available now at ThatTappingLady.com