HEART MIND INTEGRATION HEALING (HMI): Learn to Lead From Your Highest Self

Elisabeth Taylor

Ever wonder why you blow up at your loved one or friend over a seemingly insignificant incident? We all do it. Heart Mind Integration Healing gives you a map of the subconscious from a humanistic perspective, and a method to identify, heal and integrate parts of you that are causing disruptions in your relationships, holding you back, and limiting your success. This introductory experiential workshop shows you how!

Elisabeth W. Taylor is a certified practitioner of Heart Mind Integration Healing and Shiatsu Asian Bodywork. To augment these healing modalities, she trains in Aikido martial art, Buddhist meditation and Compassionate Communication (NVC). Her studio is based in Arlington, MA. She has presented HMI Healing and introductory workshops at the Center at Westwoods, Theosophical Society Boston, and to staff and guests at Rowe Camp and Conference Center, Rowe, MA.