Journey Dance: Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Body and Heart

Denise Costello, Chrysalis Center for Meditation and Wellness

Move into a new story through JourneyDance™, a flowing expressive movement where you can reclaim your body, your power, your voice and your divine connection. You can shift your wired patterns, liberate your stuck emotions and free up new creative and inspired energy. Coming together in the practice, sharing our stories on the dance floor and experiencing this free flowing movement brings you home to your body, fully present, open and alive. No dancing experience or special clothes required, just an openness to move.

Air Force Veteran Denise Costello RN, MS is Co Founder of Chrysalis Center Meditation and Wellness. She has a career of inspiring individuals how to live a healthy, vibrant soulful life with her simple healthy recipes and mindful lifestyle practices. She became a Journey Dance facilitator because she believes "movement moves everything" and found Journey Dance to be an joyful, transformative, healing, practice that helps you to manage stress and connect with your heart and soul.