MORPHOGENIC FIELD TECHNIQUE: Nutritional Assessment using Muscle Response Testing

Kristine Jelstrup CMFT, CBK, LMT, Central Square Health and Wellness

The Morphogenic Field Technique is an incredibly accurate technique that uses Muscle Response Testing and special energetic kits to gather quantum information from an individual's Morphic Field, regarding the health of that individual. Kristine Jelstrup, CMFT, CBK, LMT will explain how the system works, along with basic information about nutrition and it's effects on organ systems. After a brief talk she will demonstrate the Morphogenic Field Technique and will spend the rest of the presentation doing Nutritional Assessments for interested attendees.

Kristine Jelstrup CMFT, CBK, LMT has been a Natural Health Care Practitioner in the Cambridge area for over 17 years. She is certified in The Morphogenic Field Technique and Bio-Kinetics and is trained in Koren Specific Technique. She derives great joy from helping so many people recover their health and feel better.