NUTRITION AND TONG REN: Amazing Repair With Nutrition and Tong Ren Energy Healing

Charlie Smigelski, RD

You eat super foods: salmon, kale, almonds, chard; but if your own electrons are out of synch with the food energy, will the selenium, calcium and zinc reach your lung, liver or colon cells that are struggling to repair? Or, you're vegetarian and over 50, where will you get the extra CoQ10 your mitochondria need? Blend Tong Ren and smart nutrition for wonderful healing.

Charlie Smigelski RD has over 30 years of nutritional experience to bring to complex medical cases. His background with leading researchers at Harvard, BU and Tufts informs his treatment advice. Come hear examples where his patients got better after multiple physicians were stumped. Skillful nutrition, coupled with better Chi flow can heal a lot of tough conditions.