PERSPECTIVE REBOOT®: Releasing Blocks to Your Healing, Happiness & Harmony

Kristi Borst, Healing Resonance LLC

Kristi will be sharing ways that you can take a different look at your life and, potentially, uncover what’s blocking your being all you are here to be. Release that which no longer serves you and fully integrate with Self. Through her Perspective Reboot® process, she has been able to release and transmute emotional trauma, destructive and self-limiting beliefs, karmic debts, ancestral burdens & more. Releasing these blocks then allows the innate body intelligence to do what it strives for … find balance and heal.

Kristi Borst is an international writer/speaker, fractal artist and channel for divine healing energy. Like the child prodigy pianist, Kristi was born with a gift—the ability to heal herself and others. As a small child, Kristi’s parents made her shut down her gift to protect her. She was such a “good girl” that for nearly 50 years, she forgot it was even there. In early 2011, Kristi’s path back to Self was ignited, and in 2012 she reconnected to her healing gift. Since that time, Kristi has been assisting people in New England and worldwide, facilitating their release of physical pain and dis-ease, emotional trauma, sadness and self-limiting beliefs. Her Perspective Reboot® process helps others live with ease and grace. She offers in-person sessions in Wells, Maine, and distance sessions world-wide with profound, even life-changing results.