SELF-AWARENESS: Living From Heart Intention: Connecting To Infinite Power And Joy

Kathleen Fox Redmond

Kathleen Fox Redmond is the Founding Director of The Center for Heart Intention and a speaker, writer, educator, consultant and mentor. Kathleen worked in private secondary education as a teacher and administrator for many years and was dedicated to the research and practice of health and wellbeing initiatives, especially with girls. Through her work with students, Kathleen gained a passion for changing the "not enough" syndrome that so many experienced through her belief that true well being and worth does not from the external accomplishments and approval that we so often seek, but from within. Through a personal “dark night of the soul” with challenged her own sense of worth, Kathleen discovered the beauty and healing of her heart and the practices of an inner life. She also became fascinated by the emerging research on the power and intelligence of the heart and its relationship with the mind. Through the unfolding process of her work, life experience, and her desire to contribute to the individual and collective expansion of the soul, she created a practice of Self awareness and Self love called Heart Intention, which she believes can create spiritual and social change in the world. This practice helps others feel their true worth, experience the benefits of living from the heart, and align with the universal divine life force for greater power, joy and transformation.

Kathleen holds a MA in Pastoral Ministry from Boston College and is a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner as a graduate of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine. Kathleen lives in Cotuit, MA.