STRESS RELIEF: Conquer Stress By Learning To Interrupt Your Unique Personal Stress Response

Alison Shaw, Bodymind Resourcing

You don’t need to learn meditation or yoga to manage stress effectively! When you understand your body’s unique stress triggers and reactions you can build new body-mind habits to handle stressful times with balance, ease and health. Participants will learn about the physiology and psychology of stress. They’ll be led in a guided exercise to discover their Personal Stress Response™ and learn techniques they can use right away to transform their response to stress in any situation.

Alison Shaw NP, LMT, CEH is a Nurse Practitioner and Integrative Therapist with 30 years experience working with clients individually and in seminars. She‘s developed a groundbreaking integrative therapy known as Bodymind Resourcing that helps people discover and release the underlying body-mind patterns that keep them stuck in illness and pain. She is Co-Director of The Center for Body Mind Integration in Lexington, MA.